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You may have noticed that WordPress adds a “[…]” before and after every trackback text. I believe this to be kind of ugly, so I came up with a solution to replace them for something else.

My solution consists of adding this function to your functions.php file:

// Prettier Trackbacks Function
function prettier_trackbacks($comment){
    return str_replace("[...]", "...", $comment);
// Hook the function
add_filter('comment_text', 'prettier_trackbacks');

What this function does is, it searches for “[...]” and replaces it for just the ellipsis “…”.

If you wanted to just get rid of the whole thing altogether you would replace the ‘return str_replace…’ line with:

return str_replace("[...]", "", $comment);

If you don’t feel comfortable with code you can also download the plug-in:

Prettier Trackbacks

That’s it for the first tip, hope you enjoyed it.

P.S: By the way… this will also replace any “[...]” in regular comments. But it is very unlikely that anyone will write that in a comment.


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