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How to make a tag cloud page


Have you noticed that many blogs have a tag cloud in their sidebars? however, not many have a tag cloud page. Why a tag cloud page you may ask! Well… many reasons: de-cluttering your sidebar, adding interactivity to your blog, … Or maybe you have so many tags that they don’t fit in your regular tag cloud widget.

Category feeds


Did you know that WordPress comes with the ability to publish category feeds? That’s right, you can give that option to your readers by providing them with the category feed. Or, you can subscribe to a blog where you’re only interested in one of the categories.

Category Order


Last week I was having a really hard time ordering the categories in this blog’s header as WordPress only seems to allow to order by name or by ID. That’s why I came up with the Category Order plugin.

Making a widget for the Popularity Contest plugin


If you’re a fan of the Popularity Contest plugin like myself and are using a widgetized theme, then you must have noticed that the plugin doesn’t come with widgets that you can easily add to your sidebar. Well… today we’re going to make one.

Linked Image


If, like me, you have blogs where you use to have an image at the very beginning of your posts then you should know that people expect to access your post by clicking on the image (I tested this with CrazyEgg).

Styling the people’s name in your comment replies


You may have noticed that many people use the syntax @name in blog comments for addressing messages to a specific person. Maybe you’re one of them. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to style that piece of text differently so it stands out better.

Popularity contest plugin and WordPress 2.5


One of my favorite plugins is Alex King‘s Popularity Contest. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with the latest WordPress release 2.5, nor WordPress 2.5.1.

Customize the ellipsis in your trackbacks


You may have noticed that WordPress adds a “[…]” before and after every trackback text. I believe this to be kind of ugly, so I came up with a solution to replace them for something else.

Hello World!


Ok, so here goes the first post!

WPGuy is supposed to be a place for me to post WordPress tips, tutorials, themes, plugins, etc.

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An easy to remember login address

Sometimes I find it pretty hard to type my WordPress Admin URL... you know "" or ""... that's too many dashes, points and slashes...