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My First (free) Theme: Pistachio


Pistachio Theme

It’s only been 2 weeks since I launched wpguy.com, but I’ve managed to design and develop my first free WordPress theme!


It’s called Pistachio (?), and these are some of the features included:

  • 3 Columns
  • Unique icons
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Gravatar ready
  • Separated trackbacks and comments
  • Author comments highlight
  • Archives page template
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.3 and up
  • Valid CSS and XHTML


To install the Pistachio theme just follow these easy steps:

  1. Unzip the pistachio.zip file.
  2. Upload the resulting pistachio folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory of your WordPress install
  3. Log into your blog admin and go to the Presentation > Theme area
  4. Find the Pistachio theme and activate it by clicking on it’s thumbnail
  5. That’s it, enjoy!

Preview and Download

Pistachio Demo
Download Pistachio 1.0


If you like Pistachio, please consider making a small donation:



  1. @Trisha Cupra: I actually wanted to do that from the beginning, but I ended up removing the margin because I felt the sidebars didn’t have much space and 10px seemed like a lot of space at the moment 😀

  2. Hello
    I’ve unzipped the pistachio.zip file.
    I’ve uploaded the resulting pistachio folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory of my WordPress install
    I’ve logged into my blog admin and I’ve gone to the Presentation > Theme area
    and finded the Pistachio theme and activate it by clicking on it’s thumbnail
    but it does not work. What’s wrong ? Could you help me.


  3. can you make the width flexible instead of fixed width ? – I’m an older guy and see better with a 800×600 screen 🙂 – also is it adsense ready yet ?

  4. My First (free) Theme: Pistachio…

    Pistachio is a three column widget-ready theme with unique icons. The them is Gravatar ready and also highlights post author comments. The theme is compatible with WordPress 2.3 and above….

  5. Beauty! I searched all yesterday for an appropriate theme for a new site idea I had. I think this is it, that makes me happy to not settle for almost..
    Aspects of it seem a bit soft, the tagline, search & the sidebars leave me trying to focus on their presentation. Maybe it is just me or my monitor…it really is top notch presentation free theme.
    All best for your future inspiration.

    (I will certainly drop a note if I launch the site with this theme)

  6. I’ve used it in my blog Pinoy Maritime, but i’ve found out that it doesn’t look good on Internet Explorer. I’m using Firefox, but I’m just thinking what if some of the visitors of my blog uses the IE. Would there be any update in the future?

  7. Looks really nice, but I would like to see how common HTML elements looks on posts: UL, IL, BLOCKQUOTE, CODE, IMG, etc.
    Can you publish some examples in the demo?

    Thank you!

  8. I launched my new site with your theme – readthedamnrules.com – Thank You!
    I mentioned above (david@vinesites) that aspects of the theme seemed soft but maybe it was me or my monitor…well it is my monitor. Checked it out elsewhere and those elements seem just right. What else have I been missing all all these years?
    Thanks again wpguy. Keep up the good work.

  9. @pinoy maritime: I tested the theme on IE 6 and 7, and was working fine on both. Maybe you’ve made some kind of mistake somewhere when you customized it. Just a thought.

  10. Wessley, I did some checking with my site and I’ve found that when I start putting adsense and other affiliate banners, The sidebar starts to look weird on IE. Is there any help you can give to me about it?

  11. Love the theme. One note – the .zip file contains mac trash. When I unzip it on my server, it unzips two folders, the theme folder, and a folder called __MACOSX. This is the result of using the built-in zip archiver for OSX (from the right-click menu). It’s nitpicky, but it clutters up the server when your theme is used.


  12. Very nice theme, I’m using it on my blog, but some plugins doesn’t work anymore since I installed it. Commentluv, subscribe to comments, @ Reply and Yahoo smilies are some of them. Maybe you’ll find the time to look into that, thanks.

  13. Wessley, I was just looking through the source. There’s no need to manually add the generator meta in head when you use wp_head().

  14. Hey,

    Congrats for the theme. I have a problem though. The subscribe to comments plugin doesn’t work.The people don’t receive email if someone leaves another comment in the post. Do you have any solution for this?


  15. Do you have any updated version of this theme? It looks beautiful. Please update this theme and why no new post since 2 years?

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