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How to display a random ‘Read More’ link


Alert! This tip is more fun than useful.

Ever wanted to display a random “Read More…” link on your blog homepage? Here’s some code that’ll help you do just that.

The strings

Copy and paste this code somewhere in the index.php or functions.php file of your theme (but make sure you paste it before the loop):

You can add as many strings as you want.

Then change the the_content(); bit to this:


That’s it… Have fun!


  1. Wessley,

    Most of people aware of permalink function, but not much use it as Read More text. Those who would like to use Read more text out of the entry can use following snippet

    <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark">Read More &raquo;</a>

  2. I love the random read-more text! It’s actually a great way to make each of your posts seem more individual and personal.

    Clever idea.

  3. This is brilliant. One slight problem, though:

    When using rand, you pass count($more_strings) as the upper limit. So if there are 4 strings, as in your example, you wind up with rand(0,4). PHP interprets that as actually 5 choices, so occasionally you wind up with an empty string “chosen.”

    So it should actually be:

    the_content($more_strings[rand(0,(count($more_strings) – 1))]);

    But really creative tip – it’s so good to be reminded of the power of PHP we have at our fingertips when using WP.

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