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Top 10 Restaurant WordPress Themes of 2017


If you want your restaurant to outshine your competitors, it’s high time that you set up a website. With WordPress, you can make your website live in just under a few hours, including all the reading that you will be required to do so. With our selection of the top restaurant WordPress themes, you can create a serious hype and charm and can even provide an online delivery option to your customers if it’s something that you want to. The possibilities are endless with going online, so make sure that you get one of these restaurant WordPress themes if you want to maximize your online presence.

Rosa has to be one of the most exquisite themes you can ever get for your restaurant’s website. The homepage can accommodate a lot of images but that’s not the best part. The theme uses a parallax effect that slides the images while you scroll up or down. This looks extremely brilliant if you have high-definition images that are captured beautifully. The template sports some very amazing images of the food that could seduce any foodaholic quite easily. The menu page also includes a parallax effect and you can also customize the background of the page to make it more suitable for your restaurant’s theme. The best part about ROSA is how it retains its incredible design even in the mobile view (fully-responsive mobile view) which is essential if you really want to cash on your leads. For $75, this is a real steal!
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2. Linguini
Linguini is a simple, detailed WordPress theme for your website which can accommodate everything that you want to say out to your customers; be it the history of heritage or the extensive explanation of your kitchen processes. You can post a lot of images on the homepage and add loads of content. However, the doesn’t have a parallax slider; so if you want to spend less on your website, this $45 isn’t a bad deal, at all!
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3. White Rock
This is a restaurant and winery theme which gives a more traditional look to your website. If your restaurant is fancy and if you don’t require too many features, White Rock delivers a very minimalist user-interface. You can change the color of the template to make your website more appealing and reflective of your restaurant’s theme. And yes, it does have a fully responsive layout. For $59, it’s really worth the price.
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4. LemonChili
LemonChili uses different sliders, animations and a unique boxed interface that looks just perfect for a restaurant. Set a background and keep your elements on the website to come out more brilliantly. The best part about LemonChili is that it’s cheaper; a lot cheaper than all of the previous restaurant website templates we have covered so far. You can add unlimited menus for your restaurant and can even have a gallery and team page. The theme is very intuitive and keeps important information like business hours, featured dishes and future events on the top. Get this one if you want to add custom backgrounds to your site.
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5. Grand Restaurant
This is one of best-seller themes with over 100,000 sales so far. A restaurant theme needs to leave out a lot of space for the images because that’s how you are able to hit the sweet spot of the potential customers. Grand Restaurant theme is the epitome of what we just said. You can post HUGE, full-size images of your restaurant’s finest culinary and give your customers a frenzy in their taste buds. With this theme, it’s gong to be hard for someone to resist themselves from visiting your restaurant. Grand Restaurant theme’s best part is how you can import different styles and create your own website to make it look different. The theme is available for $64 which is totally worth it.
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6. Feast
Feast is different. The website comes with a matching Facebook Fanpage which makes your restaurant’s online experience look awesome. It includes an integrated calendar and pre-designed pages for “gallery”, “menus”, “events” and “About Us”. If you want a blog-like experience for your restaurant’s website, you can get Feast Restaurant Theme for $49.
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7. Restaurant Cafe
Restaurant Cafe offers a unique restaurant theme that features a full-page slider and a sidebar from where you can access the menus, gallery or contact a restaurant for its location. If you just want to land your customers to the brilliant photo gallery of your restaurant, Pluto is the way to do it. The theme is available for $69 and works great if you don’t want too many elements.
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NUVO features different demos that you can choose from to make a more suitable website. For instance, a restaurant’s website would be different to a Café & Bistro’s. Then, they have different demos available which they refer to as “Rustic”, “One Pager”, “Boxed”, and “Modern”. In short: If you aren’t sure if a website theme would work great for your restaurant, get NUVO to save the trouble of spending on more themes. For $59, this is an eclectic theme you can get for your restaurant!
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9. Dine & Drink
Dine & Drink provides three different demos along with their theme; all of them featuring an extensive room to post images of your restaurant or food. It’s the kind of theme for a restaurant that provides a lot of regular offers and deals. If you want a colorful and detailed WordPress theme, get Dine & Drink restaurant theme which is available for just $39.
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10. Bordeaux
Not all the restaurant WordPress themes aforementioned have a WooCommerce compatibility which is what makes Bordeaux different from the rest. However, the website looks quite like a menu card. It’s not one of the best themes out there, but if you want to sell food online, Bordeaux is the way to do it. The theme provides all the essential elements that you would need for your restaurant’s website and is decently designed. You can get Bordeaux restaurant theme for $49.
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